Jill Bliss

Animal Habitat Artwork : Anima – River Otter Seaside

18″ x 24″ ink, pencil & paint on paper. 2017.

River otters were surprisingly the most requested new animal/habitat to create when I visited Seattle and Portland for the holiday shows. Anyone who lives in river otter territory knows their latrine and denning habits can wreak havoc on boats and cabins, but they *are* amazing to watch in their natural environment. Those of you that follow my instagram account know I’ve had many memorable encounters with them. This is a river otter family in the Salish Sea just off of Johns Island. Inland you’ll find them living near rivers, creek or ponds (hence the name). Here in the islands they also take advantage of sea bounty. They’ll eat practically anything they can stick in their mouths: voles, mice, fish, crustaceans… the list goes on.